Share your story. Be real. Be YOU.

Inspire others with YOUR HeartCore Success Story! Record a video on your phone and share it with us. Motivate the HeartCore team with the impact we’ve made on your life and empower others to take their first steps with HeartCore.

Some presentation tips to get you started!
Start ANYWHERE. You have the choice of recording a 3-5 minute video or writing a 600-900 word draft. P.S: It’s okay if it goes longer, this makes your story even more unique! Just remember to be YOU, the same YOU that was vulnerable, tired, wanted to give up, and had self-doubt in your journey.That’s how people will connect with you.
If you chose to record, do it in a place where there’s a lot of natural light and a simple background. We want the focus to be on YOU. Third: If this is your first time knowing about Heartcore, take a look at our website and different social media platforms before you hit “send”. We are all for rawness and realness.
Just let go! When you’re writing your draft or recording a video, imagine yourself sharing it with a friend, not a major sales company. Being imperfect is such a perfect thing to embrace! If there’s one thing Heartcore is known for, it’s vulnerability.

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