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Before my coaching with Thurein, I felt stuck for at least a year. I was not happy at work but at the same time unsure about what to do. All of that made me insecure. I simply did not know how to get "unstuck", even though I read countless books and got a lot of advice.

Within first month working with Thurein I started to make decisions and move forward. Needless to say, I felt more confident. Besides getting "unstuck", I have learned to become more assertive. What has helped me the most was that I was being held accountable by him daily.

Result: within a few months, I decided to quit my job, learned Arabic to read and write, started to memorize the holy Quraan and started working on a few creative projects. The changes are profound! I always knew I was capable of improving certain areas of my life, but just needed a push. To anyone what feels stuck, I strongly recommend Thurein's coaching!

Em, the Netherlands


During 2012 I had 6 coaching sessions with Thurein Win which made a significant positive influence in my life. To this day I continue to experience benefits of his coaching.

When I think back to where I was before being coached by Thurein I recognise how much things have changed for me as a result of his coaching. With his help I got rid of some self limiting beliefs that were holding me back. I felt safe and able to be myself with Thurein, as well as challenged when I needed to be.

I am grateful to have progressed beyond what I expected thanks to his coaching.

Niki Pearce


I feel extremely grateful to have been coached by Thurein. From the very beginning he provided a safe and structured environment for me to explore some challenging areas in my life.

... I was holding on to some past experiences that weren’t serving me and I got to the core of this with a great NLP timeline session with Thurein. The shift in me was instant and powerful and I no longer have those un-resourceful beliefs (I can’t even access those old feelings!) A whole new chapter has begun in my life....

... uncovered the reasons behind why I wasn’t finishing certain goals. (this was a big time saver!) I am now well on my way to achieving even bigger, more suitable goals for the direction I want to head in.

Phoebe Hackett, NSW


Working with Thurein as my personal coach has made a large impact on my life and my family and business.

I have been confronted with various challenges recently that left me feeling stuck. Throughout the various coaching sessions I got to experience a new sense of possibility and strength, that I had lost along the track....

Now I feel reenergised and enthusiastic about the journey ahead and having made some changes in my personal life, has created a positive impact for my family too. Thank you Thurein!

Fabiola Campbell, Melbourne VIC – 2012


Before I began sessions with Thurein I was confused, I knew I was destined for bigger things, but over the years, and all the ‘proof’ that I was getting nowhere those dreams now seemed unacheivable.

After sessions with Thurein, I am just blown away that my life has clear direction, passion, and meaning. I am forever grateful for the amazing change that I have acheived, being connected with my inner self, gaining an amazing clarity and direction, to be focused on my goals and to have the tools to acheive them. Finally I have the meaning back in my life. My life is no longer a day by day routine, now it is an amazing journey.

I recommend Thurein to anyone who might be feeling stuck or confused in their life right now. Words cannot describe the amazing experience this has been for me. I have truly noticed a positive shift in my life, and I am noticing the amazing things around me which, before, had been faded out along with my faded dreams.

Forever grateful,
Maraika Amy, SA